How to make office removals better

At AH Removals we work hard to make the process better and less stressful for all of our customers, from domestic residential to commercial and office removals.


We appreciate that when you are moving workplaces, you need to minimise disruption as much as possible – and ideally, you need to complete your relocation outside of normal working hours.


For that reason, our office removals service is more than just 9-5 weekdays, and we can relocate you to your new premises over the weekend if required.


If your move needs to take place on a weekday – perhaps due to access restrictions on one or both buildings – that’s fine too, and we will take efforts to have you settled into your new location as quickly and smoothly as possible.


We can agree a realistic time scale with you upfront, so you know how long it will be before you are back up and running – and we appreciate that time is money to all types of business.


At the same time, we can advise you on what is feasible, without putting the safety of our employees or your own at risk, and without increasing the risk of damage to your property.


Efficiency is better than haste in office removals – so everything gets from A to B quickly, but without creating unnecessary disruption and unexpected delays.


A prime example of this is the investment we make in specialist removals equipment, such as our stair trolley, which can allow even quite heavy objects like filing cabinets to be relocated with ease.


We take the heavy lifting out of the office removals process in the most literal sense of the word – getting you moved into your business’s new home in an efficient and organised manner, so you are ready to reopen on time when Monday morning comes.