How to move house and stay in one piece 

We all know moving house can be stressful – which is why many people choose to put their possessions in the hands of a professional removal service, or call in the help of a ‘man with a van’ to get their larger furniture from A to B.

But what can you learn from the professionals when it comes to packing your possessions up in preparation for the move? Different items can be handled in different ways, but there’s always something you can do to make sure everything arrives in one piece.

Soft items – pillows, duvets, cushions and clothes – are more at risk from stains and dirt than anything else. A good option is to pack everything into vacuum storage bags, as this not only protects them against dirt, it also saves space once you suck all the air out.

Bulky items like rugs and carpets can be protected with dust sheets and blankets – again, this is not so much about protecting against physical damage, but against visible dirt and stains that might otherwise be picked up in transit.

Fragile items like crockery need careful handling of course, and here the best option is to wrap each item individually using newspaper, professional packing paper, or bubble wrap for any particularly fragile objects, and then fit everything as neatly and snugly as possible into a sturdy cardboard box.

Boxes should be small enough to lift and carry, without them being too heavy, and if you fill each box before closing it and taping the flaps, there should be less risk of the contents shifting, and so less chance of anything breaking during the move.

Finally, furniture should be dismantled where possible – make sure you keep all of the screws from flatpack furniture, ideally in a plastic bag or envelope which is then taped to one of the furniture parts for safekeeping.

At Alexander Hough we can dismantle your furniture for you, and will even bring the necessary Allen keys and screwdrivers, so you don’t have to try and remember where you left them.

We will bring blankets and sheets to put over the furniture while on the move, too – this protects the edges against any knocks, so timber doesn’t get chipped or splintered while in the van.

Our full home removals service takes all of the stress out of the process for you, but if you prefer to be more hands-on and just need some help and a big enough vehicle, ask about our ‘man with a van’ service where we supply the vehicle and some manpower, and you help with the packing, loading and unloading.