Top tips when looking for a new house

Looking for a new house can be exciting – and should be exciting, as it’s the start of a new adventure whether you are buying alone or with a family – but there are a few top tips to bear in mind to make sure you get the best out of your investment.

Here are seven of the best top tips when looking for a new house, which hopefully cover most of the main pitfalls that buyers fall into time and time again.

1. Is it damp?

This is one of the easiest things to look out for, yet easily missed, so check for musty smells, and peer inside cupboards where damp patches might not have been painted over.

2. Is it solid?

Look for signs of cracks in the walls, or that the brickwork is bowing outwards – and consider a full structural survey for real peace of mind.

3. Which way is south?

Most of the light in the UK comes from the south, with morning light from the east and sunset in the west – so work out which of your rooms will get the light at different times of day.

4. Is there storage?

Look for places where shelves or cupboards can go, as well as built-in storage like space under the stairs, an attic or basement.

5. Run the water

Don’t be afraid to turn on a tap and see what the water pressure is like, as you’ll have to live with a trickling tap or weak shower if you move in.

6. Get wired

It’s harder than it used to be to fit new plug sockets, so ideally look for a property with plenty of places to plug in already – which may also be a sign of more recent rewiring to a modern standard.

7. Don’t be fooled

Don’t get pulled in by fresh coffee or baked goods, scented candles, or mirrors to magnify the sense of space – imagine it stripped back to basics and decide if there’s enough space.