When might I need storage during a house move?

Although many of us hope to complete a house move in a day – or at least to move our possessions from A to B without needing a location in between – it’s not always that simple, and it’s important to know the options when it comes to finding storage for a house move.

Probably the most common cause of needing storage for a house move is a collapsed housing chain or a delayed purchase.

There can be many reasons why your purchase might not complete on the planned day, from a buyer pulling out elsewhere in the chain, to funds from the bank not making it through the system before it closes for the day.

Ideally you’ll still have the keys to your old home until your new purchase has completed, but that still doesn’t mean you’ll want to unload all of your packed-up possessions back into the old house, and if you’re in a hotel overnight this isn’t an option at all.

Alexander Hough Removals can offer storage facilities for your house move, so you know all of your belongings are safe and secure until you are ready to unpack them into your new property.

Collapsed housing chains and delayed purchases are not the only reason why you might need storage for a house move – you might be downsizing or moving into temporary accommodation, and again storage gives you a place to put possessions that don’t fit into your new place, until you decide what to do with them.

If you are emigrating, storage gives you a place to keep your things until you can have them shipped to your new location, while during immigration it can act as a holding area for any possessions that arrive before you have permanent accommodation arranged.

Crucially, whatever the reason, AH Removals’ storage keeps your belongings safe and secure, and protected against the elements – so you don’t run the risk of damaging your valuables and sentimental items by leaving them in a damp garage or draughty lock-up.